Work Division

I've recopied Tiffany's post for work division. If there are any questions referring to who is doing what, or clarity on what needs to be addressed in any area, we can address it here. Below is the assignments chosen so far:

A: Introduction and Conclusion (Lauren)
B: Security Issues
C: The Breakdown of Personal and Interpersonal Relationships
D: Effects of Social Media on Teens (Tiffany)
E: Social Media and the Need to Stay Engaged (David)
F: Lifestyle Impacts on Work and Home (Charlene)

"The outline that was posted for our assignment is attached. There are 6 of us in the group so EACH of the section headings, and their corresponding subheadings are going to need to be covered. I believe myself and a few others have stated which topics they would want to cover. But you all can decide for yourselves. I think we should stick to the section headings (Letters). The numbered subtopics were me just literally adding to the outline to get it turned in for last week. If we keep the section headings, you guys can tweak the subtopics however you would want to. I know David specifically claimed a section but I forget which one it was. The topic I will be covering is going to be D. Social Media Effect on Teens and the subtopics. Whoever takes the Intro should also do the Conclusion as there are 5 topics. This week we have that Wiki to create, I'm going to get started on reading as I've never created one. If anyone has any other suggestions for work division lets discuss it. Also if anyone has ever successfully created a Wiki before, we could probably use your expertise this week!"

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