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I'm posting over here just in case any of you check in. I've had a lot of difficulty trying to get into the classroom this morning. Actually pretty much all week, half the time I login and I see a note that says they're having difficulties with something. So if there's any discussion I'll catch up on it when I can get into it. I won't be surprised if the rest of you are in the same boat though.

Difficulties with UoP by charlene816charlene816, 09 Aug 2018 14:39

I've been working on getting mine up the last few minutes. Since I've been home, I've rather mucked up my order of things because I changed directions a little bit here and there so I'm posting the highlights. I am going to focus on other ways Facebook can have an negative impact on work situations, as well as neglect and I have edited that topic to reflect it. I just have to get the last bit done.

Re: Work Division by charlene816charlene816, 07 Aug 2018 02:45

I'm not sure either. There wasn't any specific instructions about submitting it.

That’s the beauty of a wiki and forum: organizating our conversations. Still, when I posted the thesis statement I was just trying to get us to point somewhere. You are correct that Facebook’s future was mentioned but not in a team conversation. Perhaps it can be mentioned in our conclusion. Lauren, does that sound like something you could work on for the final draft?

I think the link should work, but I will check on our school discussion under this assignment.

That's my fault. But I thought typing Facebook a bunch of times sounded redundant! Lol! But yeah, I know we agreed outside the outline to do Facebook so we are on the same page. I just didn't communicate it correctly!

Ok! No problem! I'll get my portion added here shortly. I'll just add a few extra points in detail to the outline and we'll call it a day. Has anyone thought about how we are to submit this to the professor? I'm not sure if it was discussed in a different thread or not. I was just wondering how we will upload it to the assignments tab? Will we need to create a generic word document and place the link there? I know for our individuals we are to put a link in that paper.

I spent much of the morning under the weather today and I'll be off for work in an hour. So I shall finish up my stuff when I get home, short shift so won't be long.

Couple of screenshots if anyone needs a reference for how to create a page for their parts and then link it to the outline for this week if that's what you'd like to do.

The first image is where you will find the button to create a new site/page/whatever you want. Stupidly it took me a while to find it the first time. It is under the Sites tab. The second image is which button makes it the easiest to link to it in the Outline.


I hope these images are large enough…and not too large.

What Tiffany said is kind of what I thought to. Not necessarily the whole thing or even a completed rough draft but something. In addition to creating a spot for discussion on here, there was also this in the instructions: "Use the wiki for planning, prewriting, writing, and revising the essay. An important part of this grade will be based on the creation of the wiki and the way that you use it to complete the essay." So, I understood that to mean to basically write something. I mean, as this is only worth 5 points, I don't think a whole lot is expected past the creation and discussion parts on here but if we have a rough draft done, or as much of one as we can, it makes life easier next week.

Yes, I can see that as being a reason. We seemed specific in some areas and too general in others.

Thank ya ma'am!

Re: Look at this! A forum! by TikiTiffTikiTiff, 06 Aug 2018 12:44

I'm wondering if she stated that we need to be specific because in some parts of the outline the words "social media" was used instead of just saying Facebook?

I'll have to double check that. Work kicked my tail last night. I'm going to lay down and try to get up around 4 or so to play catch up. I just thought that when the assignment said to use the wiki to write and rewrite our essay that we would actually need to start with rough drafts. Otherwise I'm not real sure how we are effectively using the wiki other than for discussion. Does that make sense? My brain is so warped from lack of sleep this week and trying to understand what's going on with this. I just want to make sure we are covering our bases.


Considering we all seem ot be in the same stumbling level of wikis, I like the KISS process: Keep It Simple, Silly. Adding more while we're trying to get the basics, complete our assignments, and work on the final paper seems like a lot more effort than we need to be doing at our infancy in this area. Like Charlene said, I wished we stumbled sooner, but here we are. I've added content to the wiki page of our outline so other can see how I'm developing my section.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean about contributing part of our final paper this week. Our assignment is to create and use a wiki to help with our final paper. I believe from the assignment outline given to us, our focus was to use the wiki and forum to communicate our ideas to help develop our paper. I think the goal was not so much the paper itself but getting out feet wet in the social media area of wikis and forums.

I did see that there were plenty of different options but I believe only two specifically mentioned Wiki in the titled (since you can create more than just a Wiki on here) but I wasn't sure if it would qualify as a Wiki if it wasn't in the typical Wiki format. I wish we'd found this much earlier to have some time to play around with it.

I am about halfway through with my part. Very rough but hoping to have it done before I left for work tomorrow if not tonight.

Hey everyone! I'm glad to see everything is moving along well but I do have a question. There were a couple of different format options available for a wiki page. This one seems to look more like Wikipedia. I'm at work right now so I'll be jumping in and out but I was wondering, if our page looks like wikipedia, instead of copying and pasting the outline, shouldn't we upload the links and attach them? Or is there another area where we can add a page. For instance, we would have one page that's the outline, the other page would be our paper, maybe even make another page that has the timeline idea with our goals for the week. I'm trying to figure out how we format it with this sort of wiki. The wiki that I did has a bunch of different pages for me to edit content on. I do also like the idea of adding our individual wiki's to this one to give our group wiki more content. I hope my question about where to put other info isn't confusing. I'm not sure I'm asking it the right way. It was just something I thought of while I was doing mine last night. I'll be sure to read more of the comments and participate after work calms down for me tonight.

Also just as a reminder for those who aren't aware, we will need to contribute part of the final paper this week so that means rough draft, full out.

Talk to you soon!

Yes, you are! As soon as I saw you pop up on the members list.

Re: Look at this! A forum! by charlene816charlene816, 05 Aug 2018 23:44

Yes, i think focusing on one platform will be better.

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